Radiator Cabinet PDA16 RINGS

Radiator Cabinet PDA16 RINGS

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Flat Pack

All items well packed and easy to self assembly.

- Modern decorative grille.

- Radiator Cabinet arrives as a flatpack and needs to be assembled using the fixings provided and than fixed in place

- Radiator Cabinets are made of MDF panels and covered with color PVC foil, so there's no need of painting.

- Our Radiator Cabinets are easy to keep clean.

- MDF we use is water retardant.

How to calculate which size do I need?
   1) Measure width of your radiator inclouding valves;
   2) Add 100mm (4") and this is the size of Radiator Cover you should order;
   3) Measure hight of your radiator (radiator only, not from the floor);
   4) If your radiator is higher than 650mm (25 1/2") than fill Quotation Form, because our standard grille height is 770mm;

Internal dimensions:
    Width: size you choose;   Height: 900mm;   Depth: 188mm;

External dimensions:
    Width: size you choose+56mm;   Height: 928mm;   Depth: 200mm;

Front grille height: 770mm;

    All fixings attached in the box with the product.
    When assembly skirting cut out needs to be done if required. 
    This is called scribbling and it can be done with a jigsaw.

    Fixings we supply for the Radiator Cabinet to be firmed to the wall:

Please note that all grille panel patterns are 'stamped' to create the design and that's why patterns are not scalable.

If you need quotation for size not included or want a different color or not covered with PVC color foil at all, please fill this Quotation Form.

Check if you have all parts:
  • top shelf ;
  • 2 side panels, left and right;
  • front panel / 'grille' ;
  • 8 sets of KEKU fittings (1 set = 1 male and 1 female) ;
  • 4 sets MiniFix (1 set = 1 CAM nad 1 connector);
  • screws;

Assemble Radiator Cabinet:
  • It's recommended for 2 people to do the work;
  • DO NOT remove safety foil until all assemble and fixing work is done!
  • make marks at the 'side panels' on the inside, 12mm from the front edge; 
  • screw in female KEKU to the side panel 12mm from the front edge, 2 on each side panel;
  • screw in MiniFix Connector Screw to the top shelf using pre drilled holes (hole might be covered with PVC foil which needs to be cut out);
  • put MiniFix CAM (aluminium buttons) in to pre drilled holes in 'side panels', make sure small arrow at the CAM points holes drilled through side panels;
  • slide in MiniFix Connector Screw mounted at top shelf in to holes in side panels;
  • gently twist buttons using screwdriver;
  • place 'grille panel' on the flat floor, face down;
  • now, when top shelf and sides are joined, place them over the grille;
  • it's time to decide gaps sizes by shifting 'grille panel' up or down. We recommend top gap to be 50mm and bottom one 80mm for best airflow.
  • place male KEKU fixings in female, then screw them in to grille;
  • now, you can lift Radiator Cabinet and start fitting it to the wall;

Fixing the Cabinet to the wall:
  • screw 2 female KEKU fixings on each 'side panel' at back edge with no distance from the edge;
  • place the Radiator Cover next to the wall;
  • make marks at the wall along inside edge on both sides;
  • hold top shelf and at same time lift 'grille' up to release it from KEKU fixings, now you can take it off;
  • put male KEKU fixing inside female one next to the wall;
  • make sure marks at the wall you made before line up with edge of side panels and then make marks  where you need to drill holes in the wall for the screws; 
  • now take loose male KEKU off and place 'grille' back, sliding it down to click KEKU fixings;
  • take whole unit from the wall
  • drill holes in the wall (where you made marks) and screw male KEKU into the wall;
  • fit Radiator Cabinet dropping it down on KEKU fixings mounted on the wall;
  • now, when almost everything is done, take 'grille' of like before and gently remove safety foil form the 'grille' and rest of the unit;
  • put the 'grille' back on place;
  • That's it :)





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