Payment Methods

Option 1.

You can pay with your Debit Card or Credit Card.

We use Skrill (Moneybookers) gateway to proceed payment, it's fast and safe on SSL. Look for the little padlock on the bottom of the page and "https" in the address bar when you are entering your credit card information.

You'll be redirected to Skrill gateway payment site and when processed back to our shop site.

We prefer you use the secure shopping cart. This eliminates errors and saves lots of time.
All major credit card companies have a policy about online purchases. You won't be responsible for any unauthorized charges.


Option 2.

We accept payments via Skrill (Moneybookers), it's competitor to PayPal - payment from your Skrill account to our Skrill account.


You can pay even if you don't have Skrill account - it will show you to make a transfer from your bank account to Skrill bank account and we'll get a payment.

Anyway if you want to create Skrill account, you can use our referral link by clicking on  ' Pay by Skrill '  logo.