WARDROBE: how to decorate?

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Wardrobes and built to size stormed our 'four corners'. You could think that only the owners of large houses can afford it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Separating such a space will save space even in a small apartment and liberate other areas of bulky cabinets, chests of drawers and storage spaces.


black wardrobe


However you need to plan it in detail, so it can be comfortable in use and it is best to do it when designing the house.
​We advise 
the rules to follow for best results.


 wardrobes location:

■ ideal location is a separate room next to the bedroom

■ it is worth to save some extra space near to the front door - for shoes and clothes, overall,

■ it can be also placed in the space under the stairs


orange wardrobe


■ Architects recommend that for the dressing room it is needed a minimum of 3.5 sqr meters; otherwise it is better to opt for a built in wardrobe;

■ If you want to have the freedom to dress in the closet, leave 1.5 square meters of vacant space


red white wardrobe


■ depending on the size, dressing may be square or rectangular, the smaller will be built in the shape of the letter 'L', bigger - '' U '

■ difficult to develop long and narrow room, from one that is designed on a square plan

■ widely interiors even deep cabinets can be set at the opposite walls without communication disorders


stylish wardrobe


■ affect the functionality of the garment, ergonomically planned facilities: the number of drawers, shelves, baskets location, number of poles, the distance between them and the level at which they are placed

■ planning system all accessories necessary to take into account the individual needs of residents

■ Wire baskets are used for storage of shoes, towels and bed linen

■ shelves are perfect for blouses and sweaters

■ for ties and belts are ideal for vertical drawer

■ should not miss module with tallboy, or a segment of drawers

■ in the higher areas, the upper rods can be replaced pantographs - hangers, giving after leaving free access to things

■ things long we have less, so the space for them will be less.

■ stick should be at least 150 cm from the floor


creme wardrobe


■ costs of partition walls and doors to build a wardrobe and shelves and rods to equip its interior may be lower than the price of a few ready-made cabinets


Additional features wardrobe

■ dressing room can also serve economic functions, while remaining within an ironing board, vacuum cleaner or a basket of clothes drawn back just a hair

■ may also wish to seasonal nature of things: bags, suitcases, sets of bed linen, towels, sports equipment

■ You can allocate only one wardrobe for clothes and another for storing other equipment


big wardrobe


■ convenient spot lamps are mounted in the ceiling or in the walls (enough 25W light bulbs)

■ we have to choose halogen lights mounted on forward wreaths

■ very convenient solution is also an automatic sensor, integrating the light when the door is opened


white wardrobe



■ when you take off from each other lightly soaked with moisture coats, as we bring moisture to the dressing room

■ proper air exchange provides vertical ventilation

■ if the dressing room has no ventilation duct, air circulation can be achieved by building vents between rooms, or arranging openwork door

■ lack of ventilation quickly cause an unpleasant smell musty and mildew


blue wardrobe


version de luxe:

■ version de luxe dressing room can be arranged in an elegant style "dressing" of vanity, spectacular lighting, a large mirror, a free space for free dressing

■ novelty is the presence of garderobianej the pufów, couches and even playing equipment


sofisticated wardrobe


When we can not afford to sacrifice peace for changing room, the solution is built-in wardrobe. Mounted in the modular furniture system will facilitate the segregation of clothes and use them.

But who once knew the advantages of a true wardrobe, will remain its strong supporter of :-)



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