Enhance Your Home's Beauty With Radiator Covers

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  Radiators are a wonderful way of heating your home, providing a gently warmth while utilizing the cost effective element of radiant heating. The problem with radiant heating is, of course, the radiator. Ugly, industrial, and ultimately a burn hazard for you, your pets, and your children, they tend to detract from the beauty of an otherwise elegant home.

  Radiator covers are a great solution to this problem, disguising your radiator while still helping to push heat into the home, and removing the burn hazard by making it impossible to make direct contact with the radiator itself. Add in that their design can reduce the heat loss from your radiator, and radiator covers are a great option for beautifying your home.

Bring a Room Together With Radiator Covers

  When you're designing a room in your home or business, the radiator often stands out as a rough and ugly mar on an otherwise seamless room. They come in a variety of designs and styles that can help bring together the look you're going for, and turn what is otherwise an unsightly unit into a beautiful and attractive piece.

Different Styles of Radiator Covers / Grilles

  Radiator covers come in different styles that are better for the different areas of your home. Like with any other element of design in your home, you have to choose the right style for the right look and application.

PVC-Foil Coated Covers

  PVC offers all the protection and ease of cleaning of lacquered covers, but have an advanced form of artistic design. The sleek customizable color goes beyond just allowing you to put stylish graphics on your new cover, but you can actually have custom designs, colors, and styles unavailable in the Lacquered variety.

Lacquered Covers

  Lacquered radiator covers are best for those areas that may experience high levels of moisture or grease, such as your bathroom. The lacquer ensures that it will remain beautiful and easy to clean as the years go on, as lacquers offer a 'wipe clean' surface. The great thing about lacquered radiator covers is that providers of this style of cover often have the ability to customize it to your preferred style and color. The best companies even offer you the ability to add custom graphics to your new radiator cover, making your home truly your own.



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