Affiliate terms & conditions

You may apply to be an Affiliate by accessing these terms and completing the online form.

When the Affiliate is accepted into the 3Dmodular Ltd Affiliate Program it is the Affiliate's sole responsibility to ensure that 3Dmodular Ltd is kept informed of any changes to the information provided by the Affiliate at all times during this Agreement.

Approval and acceptance of an Affiliate is at the sole discretion of 3Dmodular Ltd and 3Dmodular Ltd reserves the right to refuse applications. The Affiliate hereby consents to 3Dmodular Ltd using the Affiliate's details and Personal Data for the purposes of carrying out any checks that it considers to be necessary to confirm the identity of the Affiliate, its suitability for (and the suitability of the Affiliate Website) for the 3Dmodular Ltd Affiliate Program and any other matter which is connected to the Affiliate's application and, where subsequently accepted by 3Dmodular Ltd, is connected to its activities and role as a 3Dmoduular Ltd Affiliate.

By submitting the application form the Affiliate agrees to the terms of this Agreement. 3Dmodular Ltd shall consider the Affiliate's application. The Affiliate at the time of registration will choose and register with 3Dmodular Ltd the Affiliate's login and password which will enable the Affiliate to gain access to that resource area of 3Dmodular Ltd Website that is dedicated to the Affiliate (defined as "the Affiliate's Resource Area"). The Affiliate must notify 3Dmodular Ltd immediately after registration if it does not agree to the Commission Levels specified otherwise the Affiliate will be deemed to have accepted the terms of this Agreement including the Commission Levels and the Agreement shall be binding upon the Affiliate and 3Dmodular Ltd.

The Affiliate hereby warrants that they have all rights, permissions, and competencies to enter into this Agreement.

3Dmodular Ltd grants the Affiliate a non-exclusive non-transferable, royalty-free licence to use the Licensed Rights and the Link and to promote itself under and by reference to the designation "3Dmodular Affiliate" subject to and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Use Policy, for the sole purpose of carrying out the Promotion Activities in relation to the Merchants via the Affiliate Website.

The Affiliate undertakes not to use any of the content of any websites owned and/or operated by 3Dmodular or the Merchant without 3Dmodular Ltd or the Merchant’s prior written consent and the Affiliate shall not frame any pages or parts of any pages of the Merchant’s Website or any other website nor will the Affiliate create the impression that the Affiliate Website is Merchant’s Website or any part of Merchant’s Website.

3Dmodular Ltd shall vary the Commission Levels at any time under this Agreement to reflect increases in the costs of applicable materials, labor, other overheads, fluctuations in taxes and duties currency and exchange rates and any other relevant and applicable costs suffered by 3Dmodular from time to time.