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Wardrobe Doors


Did you know that you can zap those tired wardrobe doors back to life with wardrobe door 3D panels? You can – and it couldn’t be simpler with our range of exclusively designed door panels.

3Dmodular’s wardrobe door 3D panels are decorative panels characterised by their originality and perfect design that can be used for all types of sliding wardrobe doors, guaranteed to improve both functionality and aesthetics.

Easy to install, our wardrobe door 3D panels come ready to transform your living spaces thanks to their beautifully integrated and highly contemporary appearance.

Wardrobe Doors can dramatically change your bedroom.
If you have an old wardrobe and want to bring fresh look, there's no need to replace whole unit. Be smart and change doors only.
With our wardrobe doors it is very easy to turn your bedroom or any other room in to a beautiful space. It won't be only a storage anymore. It'll be well designed furniture. You and all your visitors will enjoy of it's view.
We make doors to any size in High Gloss an Mat vinyl finishes. Doors can also be painted in any RAL color.

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Sliding Doors


Simplify your life with a convenient bedroom storage system, which will introduce order and harmony to your interior. Turn any niche in to a contamporary design. At the beginning you need to determine where the room is to be located and how big fitted wardrobe has to be. Only then can we think about its appearance.
A wide choice of models and types of finishes and colors of sliding door makes it easy to fit into any interior. There are also various dimensions of the door, so the selection of appropriate dimensions is not an obstacle.

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