Wall Panels

Wall Panels. 

  Choose from our standardised sizes Wall panels, which can be placed each next to another endless. Pattern repeats, so joints are almost seamless.

Check for Wall Panels tiles here:    Wall Panels standardised sizes 

Wa also makes Wall Panels to any wall size. 

  You may often wonder how to give your interior a different look with a unique character. You may spend hours browsing various websites or D.I.Y. stores, but unfortunately, it turns out that not everything can be found in stores, and a multitude of search results makes it hard to pick something on the internet.

  Our ready to fit 3D wall panels will meet your expectations.
The panels are made of MDF covered with foil PVC which puts us at the top of the manufacturers of this type of product.

  Most companies offer a product unfinished or painted white, so most of the time you have to hire specialists to finish and mount the product for you.

  Using our 3D wall panels will save time because you get a finished product coated with PVC film available in almost 100 colours, ready to mount on your wall.
Most companies offer assembly adhesives. We offer a Velcro mounting kit.
One part is screwed to the wall and another one to the back of 3D wall panel. Then you simply place the panel on the wall.
You will be able to disassemble panels whenever you want, for example, when moving house. Using Velcro you won’t damage the panels or the wall and will be able to remount them in a new house.

  We offer 3D wall panels in 60 patterns, and almost 100 PVC colours, from the mat to high gloss colours, and the more traditional wood effect.
  If you are looking for a product which will give your interior a modern touch, 3Dmodular is the best choice. We not only offer the product but FREE advice and tips on your project to help you create a contemporary space or just a modern accent to your existing interior.

Check our Technical Documentation with examples:
here [20mB]

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