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If you are looking for a convenient method to create your own home interior in a customized manner, you can seek our services like many our happy customers, who already enjoy their new, unique space.
Our decorative MDF panels will help you to add color and taste to the interior of your home with a variety of textures and colors.

All our products are ready to use and you don’t need to go through the hassle of painting them. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to create your own unique design through our 3D pattern continuation services.
You can simply use this method to give a personalized touch to different areas in your home. For instance, you can customize the look of your bedroom, living room and kitchen according to the way you want. 

Are you tired of your plain colored, dull walls? Then it is the highest time to think of decorative paneling.
We at 3Dmodular can assist you with that by delivering high quality 3D decorative panels to you. Your home will never get a flimsy and a cheap look by installing our 3D decorative panels. 

Our service is focused a lot on the quality of our products and we deliver only the best products. 

I was overjoyed when
I found out about the 3Dmodular Radiator Covers.
The white matt radiator panel
I have purchased is stunning and
has added a modern twist to my new bedroom.
The fact that there was a minimal heat loss of 1%
was a great bonus in these modern times.
All in all it was a well made product only a bit pricey.
- Monica S. , London
Delivery time could be better,
but product is great and
it's worth evry day waitng for it.
- Mr. Greg B. , Harrogate
I was not able to find product
like this elsewhere, awesome!
- Smithy S. , London
I ordered radiator cover in high gloss white
for my kitchen and it looks fab.
Visitors keep commenting on
how funky and great it looks - it's definitely a focal point.
It was delivered in the original stated time
and any queries I had about this cover
were answered straight away.
Very pleased indeed with
the cover and the service received
- Gillian J. , Leeds
Simply, unique, modern.

I was digging internet a lot before
i foud their 3d panels website.
- Seth MacFarlane, Luton
At last i foud something different
to all same story, borrong radiator cabinets
- Joe T. , Piterborough